Ian Phillips from Gartec, has written the latest piece for the blog orientated around the benefits of luxury platform lifts within the modern home. It's a very interesting read over an area which is arguably overlooked within domestic design.

Lifting the Price Tag off Luxury Movability in the Modern Home

These days the idea of modern living is largely driven by luxury and convenience. Having fewer chores to attend to and having the ability to fully relax in your domain, without domestic difficulties, makes us much happier and more comfortable in our homes. Take dishwashing as an example - how would many of us cope nowadays without the use of a domestic dishwasher? Since the introduction of these genius devices into the domestic market, relationships between stacked plates and over-flowing sinks have gradually faded and thankfully so! Getting your hands wet whilst cleaning your dirty cutlery is just not luxurious, is it?
Swimming pools, hot-tubs, grand fireplaces and motion controlled televisions are all convenient luxury items most of us would love to own. They add a touch of class and grandeur to your home, enabling you to relax in style and impress your friends. Unfortunately though, most items under this category are usually too expensive for the average individual or family; meaning the majority of us will go without. This isn’t the end of the world of course, these things we can all live without; but I’m sure we’d all prefer to live with!

The Underrated Luxury

Nevertheless there is a product on the market that many of us may not have thought about before; one that is affordable, luxurious and slowly creeping into modern interior design across the country. Over the last 5-10 years or so, the use of platform lifts within the home has grown more and more popular. With almost limitless possibilities on how you can customise a home lift, it’s easier than ever to adopt and match-up this luxury equipment with your existing interior design. I myself have a vacuum lift installed in my home to help with my disabled son’s portability requirements; but since its arrival our staircase is relatively redundant as the whole family makes use of the lift instead!
The Ideal Addition to any Household

With internal lighting, decorative features and sleek finishes – a home lift can add that extra wow factor to your household, enabling you to impress your friends and family. Whether you require a touch of extravagance or need a lift out of medical/personal necessity – see below for why a platform lift could be perfect for you:

Making life easier: The installation of a simple platform lift can make your living standards much easier and much more relaxed. Avoiding the use of stairs can be particularly beneficial to those with medical problems or sufferers of back pain, joint pain and/or arthritis. My family are able to move around my home, switching between floors, in ease and relative comfort; allowing us all to be more relaxed in our home environment.

On the rise: The use of lifts within the home is becoming increasingly popular as time goes on, meaning they are no longer considered a top-end luxury item reserved only for the rich. Nowadays, the variable design and implementation options that come with platform lifts have made them more appealing to the residential market and they are quickly becoming commonplace. Who knows, in a few more years, maybe they’ll become as indispensable as the dishwasher!
Affordable: Residential lifts are not only affordable, but they add significant value to a property too. Despite being considered a luxury item at present, you can usually find a basic model for less than the amount of money you’d pay for a standard family car. I certainly found this to be true! Considering the amount of value a lift will add to your home, plus the medical and domestic benefits they provide, you can certainly judge this as a wise investment.

Design options: Platform lifts do not come in a one-size-fits-all arrangement, nor do they have to look bland and mechanical like your average commercial lift. You have as much design options with these devices as you would do with any other piece of furniture within your home. With a range of styles, finishes and interior decoration to choose from, a platform lift will nestle quite comfortably in any home’s décor.

A big thanks to Ian for such an interesting insight into the world of domestic lifts!
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