Lachlan Faulkner, from Stiltz Lifts, has written the latest piece for the blog about the totally unique luxury home lift from Stiltz that requires no load bearing walls, does not use hydraulics and has been designed to blend into your home without any fuss. 

Stylish and sophisticated, the Vista Lift can be a wonderful addition to any home. Buying a lift for your home may have been unheard of once but they have massively grown in popularity over the last few years. Commonly purchased 
by elderly people when the stairs become too much, a domestic lift has become an ideal alternative to the age old stairlift that can sometimes be unreliable and unattractive.

The rise of the home lift also offers a solution to people with mobility problems as it means they can move around their own home independently and without assistance. However lifts for houses are also proving attractive for people who like the finer things in life.

A recent example of this is the new luxury Vista Home Lift from Australian company Stiltz Lifts that is unlike any other home lift on the market. Totally unique and the first of its kind to be available in the UK – and worldwide - the Stiltz Vista Lift does not require load bearing walls or use hydraulics.Instead it  uses an intelligent dual rail – or stilts - system that creates a completely self-supporting structure. This means that no extra weight burden is added is on the home. The weight of the self-supporting structure and lift car is carried in compression through the rails into the floor of the home.

While conventional lifts are loud and noisy because the lifts use hydraulics and mechanical equipment, the Vista is very quiet because it is powered by a roped drum-braked gear electric motor system with no extra external mechanisms required.

The domestic lift uses single-phase power and draws between two and three amps and there is no other hard wiring or additional power packs needed to power the elevator. The Vista simply plugs into any normal 13-amp power socket like any other household appliance such as the kettle, toaster or 
microwave for example.

What makes the Vista Lift really special is it is also made of polycarbonate and has been designed to blend into any room or décor without a trace. This means it causes minimal disruption as it can just dissolve into the furnishings as if the lift was not even there. Due to its ‘clear’ nature, the Vista lift can 
bring natural light into a room and is perfect for installing in front of an existing window.

The Vista is modern, minimalist and sophisticated for people looking to make a luxury addition to their homes. The lifts can only be fitted through one floor but can be installed around the home if required. They also boast the smallest footprint of any home lift on the market and can also add value to a property.

The Vista is ideal for a stairwell void application as due to unique shape it can fit perfectly in an alcove of the stairs. In fact, it can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home. No other through-floor lift on the market can offer a solution that 
uses the dead space in the void to fit a home lift in this way.

With lots of clever safety features including top and bottom safety pans and weight sensors, the Vista Lift even has internal LED down lights, an interior seat, half-height swing door and two remote controls to call the lift from any floor. You can even choose your own colour and interior lining! With the Vista Lift, the only way really is up!

For more information on the Vista Luxury Home Lift visit:
Ian Phillips from Gartec, has written the latest piece for the blog orientated around the benefits of luxury platform lifts within the modern home. It's a very interesting read over an area which is arguably overlooked within domestic design.

Lifting the Price Tag off Luxury Movability in the Modern Home

These days the idea of modern living is largely driven by luxury and convenience. Having fewer chores to attend to and having the ability to fully relax in your domain, without domestic difficulties, makes us much happier and more comfortable in our homes. Take dishwashing as an example - how would many of us cope nowadays without the use of a domestic dishwasher? Since the introduction of these genius devices into the domestic market, relationships between stacked plates and over-flowing sinks have gradually faded and thankfully so! Getting your hands wet whilst cleaning your dirty cutlery is just not luxurious, is it?
Swimming pools, hot-tubs, grand fireplaces and motion controlled televisions are all convenient luxury items most of us would love to own. They add a touch of class and grandeur to your home, enabling you to relax in style and impress your friends. Unfortunately though, most items under this category are usually too expensive for the average individual or family; meaning the majority of us will go without. This isn’t the end of the world of course, these things we can all live without; but I’m sure we’d all prefer to live with!

The Underrated Luxury

Nevertheless there is a product on the market that many of us may not have thought about before; one that is affordable, luxurious and slowly creeping into modern interior design across the country. Over the last 5-10 years or so, the use of platform lifts within the home has grown more and more popular. With almost limitless possibilities on how you can customise a home lift, it’s easier than ever to adopt and match-up this luxury equipment with your existing interior design. I myself have a vacuum lift installed in my home to help with my disabled son’s portability requirements; but since its arrival our staircase is relatively redundant as the whole family makes use of the lift instead!
The Ideal Addition to any Household

With internal lighting, decorative features and sleek finishes – a home lift can add that extra wow factor to your household, enabling you to impress your friends and family. Whether you require a touch of extravagance or need a lift out of medical/personal necessity – see below for why a platform lift could be perfect for you:

Making life easier: The installation of a simple platform lift can make your living standards much easier and much more relaxed. Avoiding the use of stairs can be particularly beneficial to those with medical problems or sufferers of back pain, joint pain and/or arthritis. My family are able to move around my home, switching between floors, in ease and relative comfort; allowing us all to be more relaxed in our home environment.

On the rise: The use of lifts within the home is becoming increasingly popular as time goes on, meaning they are no longer considered a top-end luxury item reserved only for the rich. Nowadays, the variable design and implementation options that come with platform lifts have made them more appealing to the residential market and they are quickly becoming commonplace. Who knows, in a few more years, maybe they’ll become as indispensable as the dishwasher!
Affordable: Residential lifts are not only affordable, but they add significant value to a property too. Despite being considered a luxury item at present, you can usually find a basic model for less than the amount of money you’d pay for a standard family car. I certainly found this to be true! Considering the amount of value a lift will add to your home, plus the medical and domestic benefits they provide, you can certainly judge this as a wise investment.

Design options: Platform lifts do not come in a one-size-fits-all arrangement, nor do they have to look bland and mechanical like your average commercial lift. You have as much design options with these devices as you would do with any other piece of furniture within your home. With a range of styles, finishes and interior decoration to choose from, a platform lift will nestle quite comfortably in any home’s décor.

A big thanks to Ian for such an interesting insight into the world of domestic lifts!
Unbeknownst to myself I found out today, whilst searching through Sub Pop Records's catalogue, that Christian and Casey from Fleet Foxes's have a side project called Poor Moon. This particular song 'Holiday'  is typically melodic with hints of that Gregorian chant sound that has become so synonymous with Fleet Foxes. The music makes you feel like you have been transported to a 60's TV commercial for an American Airline advertising holidays in Hawaii. 

The video is equally as tranquil, following a limber old gent who is taking a vacation in a mental institute and is very much enjoying a bit of a dance with the inmates. For myself I like these unannounced findings of superbious music, and tend to find that Sub Pop Records has a lot similar to offer. My only hope now is that you like it also.
Have you ever wanted a one stop place where you can view iconic Design classics without having to individually trawl through each manufacturers websites? Well fear not, thanks to John Lewis  you can now scroll through an interactive info graphic which covers iconic pieces of timeless Design over the past 70 years. 

Information regarding the pieces/Designers is available by clicking on the image and if you really like what you see and fancy purchasing a piece of Design History, then you can always purchase through John Lewis by clicking on the link above. Have a scroll below and enjoy!




After a long break from the blogging world, I was recently contacted by Soile Makkonen of Ada and Ina, who specialise in domestic upholstery and curtain fabrics. I was immediately inspired by their diverse range of colour and pattern choice. 

It was also great to see the recent pictures of their new office situated at Logomo in Turku. Logomo is a premise for creative entrepreneurs and has a footprint of over 5000 sqm. The building is steeped in history and in a previous life was a machine factory back in the 1800s. These industrial characters form the basis for the quirky accessories within the breakout and communal eating areas. 

Staying true to   its roots.

Industrial light pendants that look worn down and as old as the building itself add character to the backdrop of modern surfaces and materials. Old shipping crates create tables and where possible the existing brickwork is kept on show, albeit painted but again this pays homage to the charm and nostalgia within the building. It's great to see a building such as this re-used and re-imagined for another purpose and there seems to be a success especially with buildings that once had an Industrial past. Having previously worked in a similar location, it was almost like going to work in somewhere out of a history book.

WANT to find out more about ada & ina?

Ada & Ina are UK based with their sales offices being in Finland. They have a wide range of colour options and fabrics for both curtain use and light upholstery. Minimum orders are usually 3m but they also offer a fantastic sample service which is great for both Interior Designers and home enthusiasts. Please follow the link below to view their complete range.
It's been a while since I've posted due to a busy schedule, but eco-month will be extended to give it justice! To keep you guys salivating for more, have a listen to this trio (plus special guests) from Kansas City. A happy clap along song if there ever was one!

It has elements of Beck in there but fresher, more current and it sounds like music should do, fun, enjoyable and easy on the ears!
I was recently contacted by Terapia Urbana who are committed to developing urban greening tools and solutions to ease the effects of global warming, inefficient energy consumption and excessive CO2 emissions that many of our cities now face. The one particular product I am very interested in is the slimgreenwall which is a hassle free living Interior wall.
How does it work? Well it purifies the air by recycling excessive Co2 in the atmosphere, creates a barrier for sound pollution, and with the excess carbon dioxide out of the office air, it increases productivity and happiness.
What I like about this product is that it isn't just some conceptual idea, a pipe dream created by some idealistic designers, it is fully functioning, operational and available to purchase in the UK through Scotscape. The image above is the product at the Ayesa Advanced Technologies Office in Seville, Spain. How great does it look fixed onto that neutral wall!
That's all well and good I hear you say, but it must take ages to clean and maintain? Well in fact no, it is self sufficient, self cleaning and has automatic irrigation all included. Just install and reap the benefits of cleaner air in your home, office or any space you deem imaginable. 

In a world where the word 'eco' has become a gimmick and nonchalantly used in everyday speak, it is great to see a product which is feasible, believable and beneficial to everyday people in everyday Interiors. 
3D Printed Aqueduct Planters by Shapeways.
Carbon Footprint, recycling, clean air, hybrid, eco, green and sustainable are all words that are frighteningly over used in today's society. Corporations have made us believe that we live in a green world, with clean oxygenated air and packets that biodegrade instantly in one of the many bins the local council now provides. I want to sift through the marketing and PR bulls*** that we are subjected to on a daily basis and focus on products that are truly making a difference to the world we live in. Open your mind and your lungs and breath in that slightly less polluted city air.
In Melbourne Australia lives a slatted dream. Baker D. Chirico is an undulating cacophony of veneered ply, shadow-play and worn down surfaces. Put simply, I really admire this Interior.
The possibilities are endless with a beautifully detailed cross jointed timber monolith. You can undulate and stagger the spans to create definition with parallel lines which equally act not only for aesthetic purposes, but as guides to a point of interest within that space.  
From the street view the large glazed window acts like a frame and subtly encases the luxurious and intriguing art of the Interior. The clever use of back-lit lighting not only creates shadow effects but also an angelic glow that enhances the fine detail of the wood grain. What a way to end a month dedicated to bakeries!
Dutch Design Studio Tjep have created a series of innovative stores for Terminal 3 at Schipol Airport. 
A Flower Shop that 'lifts up' a Cheese shop and a very on topic Bread shop. Bread! Brings the artisan bakery to the masses within one of Europe's busiest airports. 
According to Tjep, the Design was inspired by the Interiors of the iconic Dutch Windmills. You can see that definitely in the slatted timber battens that create display units for the freshly baked bread. 
As well as a eye catching servery area, there is a rather large dining area where this simple and contemporary style is further rolled out. The white unassuming side chairs that resemble a modern take on the chairs seen in the Shaker movement, match elegantly with the Ash finish of the bench seating and the grey quilted seat pads. 
Put simply this is a beautiful Interior that pays homage to Design. It is detailed beautifully for an area of mass footfall and the consideration of material finish, style and colour is superb. However I expect nothing less of Dutch Design, they just get it, understand it completely and aren't afraid of taking a risk with going ahead with an achievable concept. In one of the worlds most finest cities (Amsterdam) this is just one tiny granule of a whole plethora of fine Design examples.

For more information on the work of the Tjep Team that please have a look at their website...