Unbeknownst to myself I found out today, whilst searching through Sub Pop Records's catalogue, that Christian and Casey from Fleet Foxes's have a side project called Poor Moon. This particular song 'Holiday'  is typically melodic with hints of that Gregorian chant sound that has become so synonymous with Fleet Foxes. The music makes you feel like you have been transported to a 60's TV commercial for an American Airline advertising holidays in Hawaii. 

The video is equally as tranquil, following a limber old gent who is taking a vacation in a mental institute and is very much enjoying a bit of a dance with the inmates. For myself I like these unannounced findings of superbious music, and tend to find that Sub Pop Records has a lot similar to offer. My only hope now is that you like it also.
08/09/2013 04:50

Never knew they had a side project either! That's crazy.


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